Executive Team

  • James Mars

    James Mars

    With over four decades of industry experience, Jim Mars serves as the CEO of our organization, overseeing strategic growth and the realization of our clients’ vision of true wealth. Since the start of his career in 1975, Jim has dedicated himself to helping clients discover and achieve their financial goals. He embodies the core value…

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  • John Hoffman

    With 23 years of experience in the financial industry, John Hoffman leads our organization towards a bold vision of growth and transformation. He believes in the power of collaboration, humility, and self-awareness to drive impact and innovation. John is dedicated to achieving our company’s long-term goals, aligning teams around a shared vision, and attracting top…

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  • JW Waggoner

    JW Waggoner

    Experienced in consulting with investment committees to construct appropriate investment lineups for qualified and non-qualified plans. With a focus on stewardship, he strives to impact the success of those we serve, ensuring everyone can retire with dignity and proper knowledge about their finances.

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  • Mark Oswald

    Mark Oswald

    With over 33 years in the securities industry, Mark Oswald serves as our Chief Compliance Officer. He focuses on maintaining the firm’s adherence to fiduciary obligations, consistently advocating for clients’ best interests, and managing conflicts of interest. His tenure includes notable service as the Chief Compliance Officer for national broker/dealers and Registered Investment Advisors. Mark’s…

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  • Stephanie Elton

    Stephanie joined our team driven by her strong desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives through their financial well-being. Her responsibilities encompass identifying new business opportunities, Coordinating all our internal teams, and ensuring clients receive tailored advice to help them realize their vision of true wealth. With an extensive background spanning 14 years…

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