Wealth Advisory

  • Erika Wood

    Erika Wood

    Erika is a key member of our team, directing our Wealth Advisory group and serving clients as a dedicated advisor. She guides clients through a holistic planning process that addresses every facet of their financial lives, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and organization. Erika’s objective is to fully comprehend our clients’ financial vision and…

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  • Scott Munger

    Scott Munger

    Scott guides families to create and live their vision of financial success. He also serves as a relationship manager for several corporate accounts. Scott’s extensive career in the financial industry has equipped him with a wide range of experience. Prior to specializing in full-service private wealth planning, Scott worked with insurance, estate planning, group employee…

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  • Brian Smith

    Brian specializes in developing personalized financial plans for prospective and existing clients, focusing on a wide range of planning areas, including financial, retirement income, tax, legacy, and exit planning. With 30 years of industry experience, he excels in working with professionals and business owners, articulating their priorities, and creating plans to achieve their goals. Brian’s…

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  • Brad Neugebauer

    Brad works closely with families and business owners, developing investment and planning strategies that maximize their financial impact efficiently. With more than 25 years in the financial services industry, he offers a deep understanding of investments, estate planning, and risk management. Brad’s core values of integrity, honesty, accountability, and objectivity drive his passion for building…

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  • Dalton Richards

    Dalton Richards

    Dalton specializes in data analytics and software solutions that help us gain deeper insights into our clients’ overall financial picture. Dalton excels in presenting clients’ positions in a welcoming and transparent way, conveying sometimes complex financial concepts in a clear and understandable manner. With eight years of experience in the field, he began his career…

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  • Tom Hannon

    Tom Hannon

    Tom Hannon leads a dedicated group of specialists to cultivate relationships with our clients and within his team. With 12 years in the financial management industry, Tom has developed a passionate and enthusiastic approach to working with clients. His prior background in professional basketball has consistently led him to success, whether it’s winning a game…

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  • Bailey Vansickle

    Bailey Vansickle

    Bailey focuses on financial planning and investment strategies, with four years of industry experience under his belt. He works with private wealth clients and employer-sponsored plans, including 401Ks and Simple IRAs. Bailey’s core values are grounded in hard work and honesty, which he considers vital in his relationships with each client. His primary goal is…

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  • Mike Bernier

    Mike Bernier

    Mike focuses on the management and education of our corporate 401K plans, helping individuals achieve financial literacy and build private wealth. He excels in helping people from all backgrounds and circumstances establish a strategy to better their lives for and through retirement. With a background in private banking, he has dedicated his career to helping…

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  • Jacki Kolkman

    Jacki employs an honest, holistic, and educative approach when working with clients and families. Her objective is to help create personal and professional outcomes that align with their financial goals. She is a trusted resource when collaborating to manage our clients’ broader financial lives. Jacki initiated her career in 2000 in investment trading, spending the…

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  • Dan Berve

    Dan collaborates with our clients to identify their goals and implement the necessary strategies to achieve them. With three years of experience in the financial industry, Dan is driven by his desire to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives by supporting them in their journey towards achieving their goals. His core values of teamwork,…

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